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Benefits of cork flooring

Cork Flooring Guys deals in cork floors mainly due to the many benefits that cork flooring comes with, one major benefit that brings many customers to Cork Flooring Guys is the feel that comes when you have cork floors installed in your house or office. The feeling makes it to be installed in rooms where you spend most of the time standing such as the kitchen. The surface of cork flooring is also soft and can injure someone even if they accidentally fell on it. This property makes cork floors preferable to young families who have crawling babies since the babies wont get hurt when learning to walk.


More benefits

cork flooring is also used as an insulating material against noise and also heat. Through cork flooring you are able to have your house warm even in cold seasons, unlike other flooring materials such as tiles which make the house cold to the levels that one must have a carpet to reduce the cold.


Installation of cork flooring

Cork Flooring Guys has experts and professionals in cork floor installation who have vast experience in the installation process thus making it an assurance that the cork floors will be installed using the right tools and accessories.

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Cork Flooring

cork flooring can be always have another finishing when it starts to fade, it works in the same like wooden floors which are added some varnish o even wood finish when they start fading out. When the cork floor fades, the finishing is done by first sanding the cork and the adding a stain or a finish sealer to the cork floor making it regain its original beauty. The refinishing is done several times depending on the thickness of the cork floor, the thicker the flooring the times you will have to add the finishing stain.

Cork Flooring Guys encourages the use of these cork floors due to their ability to repel dust and other small particles which are usually attracted by wooden floors and also carpets.they are also easy to clean and can therefore be used for your sitting room and also the kitchen. cork flooring contain suberin which is very effective in repelling insects and other small creatures that come into the house. These small insects can be a health hazard thus the cork floor helps a lot in eliminating a disease caused by the insects in your house.

cork flooring that Cork Flooring Guys offers to our customers is environment friendly, its green and natural and can recycled when they are removed from the house. The material that remains after making the cork floors is usually made into fertilizers and used in enhancing the growth of can have some the remains of the cork floor materials poured around your home compound flowers to serve as growth enhancers.

Cork Flooring Guys also offers installation services to all customers who purchase the cork tiles from us and also teach them on the best maintenance practices for the cork floors. When the cork floors are properly installed and a layer of water barrier sealer applied on the cork flooring the cork floor will stay for a very long time without depreciating.

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